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I'd like to know honestly how you can treat him differently than you would have expected or hoped to be treated yourself? We have always said if there is sex, if there is violence, it is there for a reason, it tells you something about where they are. It was also announced that he would play a role in Bloodshotan adaptation of the best selling comic book in the Valiant Universe.

I don't agree with bearding but it really could not be more obvious that Sam is gay. Sexy short hair lesbians. Sam heughan naked. R, you've already been busted as a Troll who pretended to disagree with yourself. Have you never met a theatre queen before? During the summer some innuendos, getting closer to PR for S3 something like awell we decided to stay good friends, but distance and working schedules make it impossible, bla, bla Get her classier clothes and fit them better.

Instead Sams keep on posting fotos with his old friends or others. Seriously, this is worst than Twilight crap. You don't even get to say something to him. As another poster has said before, gay men have female friends too and Sam is a clear example of it.

Before anyone asks they weren't walking together just in same terminal. His Da left his Mum when Sam was three. Hard milf nipples. I wish Sam success and happiness. That film was put together by the creative team that did the Oscar- winning "Chicago. Sam can't wait to leave LA- he said it in an video interview, R has explained it perfectly. R49, he may be a sweetheart to you, doesn't mean he isn't closeted.

Gay Sam for the homophobic frau who is feeling very insecure and can't leave these threads alone Oh, sorry, R, I get your meaning, now. I don't think Sam slept with his female lead. Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

Somebody might want to tell them how the internet works. I predict some safari stuff with MM. He earned the shit as I had predicted last weekend. Its his Mum is who isn't as Scottish people think. Might be interesting to know Yes this is a gay site with a public closeted actor, but MM is doing a job and for all I see she is pleasant enough.

R that photo wasn't taken on the back balcony.

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In fact, Sam has never dated or been in a relationship with any woman because he is gay.

The harder they try, the less believable. Naked girls eating cum. But of course, to fit the conspiracy of Cody being a beard hired by Starz - Jinx has to play her part in the drama. Knives in Hens [4] [16]. There were no grimaces. But it does point up some glaring inconsistencies.

Out of character, nothing staged and he turns immediately into his own natural habits. As quick as it's possible! God knows why Sam let himself get involved with Shatner and Camuso in the first place; but they've got their hooks into him now. We can appreciate a beautiful woman here.

My question is, what will happen to MM's career. Anyway, he is in the closet and is such an idiot that he actually is trying to convince the world that someone is his girlfriend when she already has a boyfriend. Sam heughan naked. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Sam Heughan.

The balcony pic of them was posted by her stylist. Disabled girl nude. Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. Sorry, but there's not just one way to be a fan. Maybe MM's helping them scout locations. Email Address Please enter a valid email address. He's "familiar" with Balfe. But I don't pity him. White on black lesbian porn. Only his loving influence can calm Captain Kirk. We'll get to see plenty of pics of them together in Seattle.

If you want to bang on endlessly about MM, please start a new thread and call it "Sam Heughan's Beard. As members of a non-privileged minority, we can't help but notice and comment on the corporate politics at play, as R so eloquently described, not to mention our own highly attuned gaydar.

Now she's dragging him down. You are all so much alike. Compared to his co-star, he has no non-Outlander credits to speak of.

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Lesbians caught on security camera R, Yes, good guess. Sam's as afraid of Shatner as a lot of us are, if not moreso.
Victoria caputo naked She can't act very well, and her singing voice is only slightly fuller than one of the chipmunks. Let people think and guess what they want instead of dragging him thru the mud like this. Our feelings run more toward
Dark skin sexy girls Stick with the facts! During the summer some innuendos, getting closer to PR for S3 something like a ,, well we decided to stay good friends, but distance and working schedules make it impossible, bla, bla Again, this is a gay site.
Maggie grace nude pics Because there is no other woman outside who wants to be used as a beard for a limited time. I'm too lazy to look in the DL archive but there was a poll on man buns and the consensus was something like, sorry, too hipster-douche, a precious few can pull it off some Indian actor and a few muscle hunks , and if you keep needing to pull your hair back all the time you'd probably look just as good with a decent haircut which is true for Hueghan, IMO. The world is a stage, and we are all actors upon it a quote from Shakespeare some years ago.
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